About Us

Who are we and who sits behind the mask?


We are a group of cybersecurity enthusiasts interested in various areas including software security, binary analysis, web security, cryptography, IoT security, and etc. Besides our own research, all of us enjoy playing CTF and are active members of the HackTheBox Community. Because we believe it is an excellent chance to hone our skills in practice, catch up with the latest trend, and most importantly – compete and have fun!

HideAndSec is CTF team from France founded in 2019. We actively participate in online and onsite CTF competitions. You can browse our recently participated events and rankings. We also perpetually publish CTF and HackTheBox writeups.

Our HackTheBox Team Profile : https://www.hackthebox.eu/teams/profile/2076



Passionate about computing and security since always, I'm also interested in AI, blockchain and distributed web (IPFS, DAT etc..)

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Love playing CTF and hacking machines. Currently student in computer science engineering. Love strawberries.

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Cybersecurity engineer, passionate about pentest, Red Team and Forensics. In constant search of new knowledges.

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Solve the challenges ranging from pwn to crypto, from crypto to bruteforce, from butefore to guessing, from guessing to ESP…

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Please contact us at : contact[at]hideandsec[d0t].sh

If you have any question regarding our writeups, please feel free to let us know.