NorthSec 2021 Badge Writeup


To learn more about the badge itself and the development behind the scenes I would recommend watching this YouTube video.

Although NorthSec was remote for the second year in a row the badges still formed the bases of a CTF. However the badge's challenges were completely unrelated to the actual competitive CTF which was one of the highlights from the event as far as I was concerned.

The badge itself hold 10 flags which is really impressive given the memory on the chip and the engineering behind it all. The different categories of the flag are trivia, general problem solving, and reverse engineering. All challenges are independent from each other, so you can look for flags in any order. The lore behind the badge follows the theme of the 2021 northsec: medieval

This was also my first time doing any type of hardware hacking. Because of this I have to thank vicious,  Padraignix, and Eric Hogue for giving me gentle hints without spoiling any of the fun. Padraignix and Eric have writeup's of their own. If there is something I explain poorly go check them out and their approach.

Flag #1 / Intro

The first flag is one of theose "warmup" flags. There is visibly a chest in the upper left hand side of the screen, visible upon booting up the game.